»Fuck Yeah! Queer Music«

This is a link to the music of German singer-songwriter Prinzessin Paula. Most of her tunes are in German, so I can’t say what they’re about, but everything is pretty stripped down. Either piano, guitar, or ukelele and vocals. The recordings have a bit of lo-fi grit, which I definitely am a fan of. The piano songs have a really haunting quality to them, just simple chords and voice, and they stick with you for a while. One or two have some drum work and are bit more polished both in composition and recording quality.

On her site, she also has a page dedicated to potential triggers in her songs, which is incredible. Not every song she has recorded is on there, but the triggers are listed in German and English, and google translate could probably take care of any other number of languages. I’ve never seen an artist do this, and it’s pretty awesome.

So click the link above to check her out. International awesome!

Fuck Yeah! Queer Music